The CABUA executive is excited that you're accepting assignments! Please review some of our expectations for CABUA. Remember these don't always include the most important expectation: common sense.


a) Check the hotline and/or Arbiter before leaving for your game.

b) Arrive at least 30 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the diamond and your partner(s).

c) Prepare for the game, receive game balls, review signals with your partner.

d) Wear appropriate attire and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

e) Arrive early for the plate meeting.

f) Keep it smart; keep it safe; keep it simple!

g) Enjoy your game!

h) Conduct yourself professionally at all times.


You may be required to report back to the assignor some of the following issues or complete game reports as required.


a) Your partner arrives late or does not arrive - please advise the assignor as soon as possible.

b) The game is cancelled, forfeited or postponed for any reason - you must inform the assignor as soon as possible.

c) Ejection or other type of game report to be completed. Please complete this report within 36 hours of your game as the report may affect a players eligibility to be involved in another game. During tournaments, these reports must be completely immediately following your game.