The Calgary Area Baseball Umpires Association (CABUA) will facilitate the development of quality baseball umpires in the Calgary area such that baseball organizations operating in the Calgary area, today and in the future, will be assured of having baseball umpires, qualified for that organization's level of play, assigned as requested, with their games officiated in accordance with the governing Playing Rules and By-laws of each respective organization.


This will be accomplished through CABUA having a recruitment and development program in place, in concert with the National Umpire Certification Program (NUCP), whereby umpires in the Calgary area will be able to develop to their full potential in exchange for a fee schedule, agreed to with each baseball organization which chooses to have Umpires assigned via CABUA, and the other benefits of contributing to the sport of baseball as an umpire.


It is the desire of CABUA and its members to have an independent, yet harmonious, relationship with all baseball organizations operating in the Calgary area and complement those organizations' respective administration, education and evaluation structure.


Additional purposes of CABUA are to encourage and promote amateur games and exercises and to provide for the recreation of the members and to promote and afford opportunity for friendly and social activities.