Working with your assignor

CABUA uses Arbiter for all game assignments. Make sure you keep your profile, address and phone number up to date! To help the assignor, follow a few simple criteria to make the most of your umpiring experience:


a) Update your availability by the 15th of the previous month

b) Keep your availability up to date!

c) Accept your assignments promptly

d) Provide as much notice as reasonably possible if you cannot work an assigned game

e) Communicate game preferences to the assignor

f) Complete game reports within 36 hours of game completion

g) Make yourself available!


Feel free to communicate to the assignor by email, phone or text to make sure you get as many games as you want and at the levels you wish to work. We try our best to accommodate each umpire as much as possible while providing the highest level of officiating to each league.


Contact the assignor to get set up in Arbiter and start working games NOW!


Assignor contact: Mark Roseneder - - 587-582-6617


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